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At the Carpal Tunnel Center we strive to help those suffering with the pain and restrictions of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).  This debilitating condition afflicts millions of people and affects the use of the wrists, forearms and hands.  It can range from very mild to severe and has the ability to restrict activities such as any repetitive use of the hands, grasping, typing, driving and even sleep.  

For years the only solution was to have surgery performed.  Originally the surgery included a long incision down the middle of the wrist to the palm of your hand.  Today the surgery in some cases can be performed with less scarring.  Either way the patient is left with internal and external scarring, painful rehabilitation and research shows many times after surgery the symptoms of CTS return anyway. 

Our services include a conservative but aggressive approach based on sound medical knowledge. We specialize in non-surgical diagnosis, treatment, and physical rehabilitation of CTS.  We utilize the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment which can tell you if you have mild, moderate or severe CTS, or not at all.  As there are other conditions that mimic CTS it is important to get an accurate diagnosis.  At the Carpal Tunnel Center we accurately diagnose and treat CTS.  We leave the guess work out and make sure that you get the information you need so you can choose what treatment is right for you.

Already have been diagnosed with CTS ? 
Have your diagnoses confirmed by our equipment.  Or if you want to attempt to avoid surgery follow our treatment plan.

Already had surgery and the symptoms have returned ?
Our rehabilitative techniques have shown positive results for post-surgical patients as well.

New patients are currently being accepted

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Member of American Academy of Spine Physicians

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Dr. Erik R. Weston, DC

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